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About us is a specialized organization running conferences, forums, summits, workshops as well as boutique events.

It provides special consulting to the event organizers, such as setting up any kind of event, preparing and organizing as well all the logistics. It uses, an interactive web-app, facilitating direct interactive possibilities among speakers and audiences for all type of events bringing a unique experience in the events.

Up to now, more than 50 conferences, forums, workshops in Europe and Middle East have been taken place under the auspices, guidance and consulting of the

The aim of is to provide for its conferences, summits, and events the best organizing experience. Specifically, to provide a common place for professionals and individuals looking to get the new trends, latest developments, most updated knowledge and innovations that high caliber speakers of the events bring through their exceptional expertise to the podium of the panels.

Also, undertakes third party initiatives, providing superior quality for international conferences and events.

Should you like to know more about the events we have already organized, please feel free to browse our past events down below. Best regards and enjoy your experience to the

-Panos Tzellos, Founder of

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Aris Romosios
-Investment Analyst at Capital Securities

"Quite useful and interesting event with highly informative presentations & distinguished professional participants. Thank you!"